PRINCIPAL – Shinwa Chemical Industries Ltd.

Shinwa Chemical, Japan are experts in the field of separation technology. In particular, from the establishment of chromatography technology Shinwa has accumulated a significant technology and manufacturing know-how base. Shinwa support customers' research and development requirements through their technology and experience backed up by a long history.

Their aim is to solve problems faced by customers in the field of analysis through the optimum utilization of technology and information.


  • HPLCx: The ULTRON series consists of high quality HPLC columns manufactured by Shinwa Chemical Industries.
  • GC: Shinwa Chemical Industries possesses a wide range of GC columns including chemically bonded types, which are designed enable analyses of all samples.
  • NeedlEx:The NeedlEx is an easy to use sample extraction needle that provides superior reproducibility and can be used repeatedly.
  • ULTRON HF:The ULTRON HF series is a capillary column that employs monolithic silica with hierarchical porous structure for high precision separation analysis.

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