LAUDA Thermostats & Chillers

Lauda Hydro – GFL Technology

Water baths from 25 to 100 °C for the lab

The LAUDA Hydro water baths made of high-quality stainless steel offer the right bath depth and opening for every application with bath volumes from 4 to 41 litres. All water baths offer a temperature range of up to 100 °C with a temperature constancy of ±0.1 K, so that applications in the boiling range are also possible. A TFT colour display ensures intuitive operation with a temperature display in °C and °F.

Product Designation Working Temp. Min. Working Temp. Max. Heater Power Bath Volume Max.
Hydro H 11 V25 °C100 °C1.5 kW10.5 L
Hydro H 1625 °C100 °C1.5 kW 16 L
Hydro H 16 A25 °C100°C 1.5 kW16 L
Hydro H 19 V25 °C100°C 1.5 kW18.4 L
Hydro H 2 P25 °C80 °C0.3 kW 1.6 L
Hydro H 20 S25 °C99.9 °C1.5 kW20 L
Hydro H 20 SOW25 °C80 °C1.5 kW20 L
Hydro H 20 SW25 °C99.9 °C1.5 kW20 L
Hydro H 2225 °C100 °C1.5 kW22 L
Hydro H 2425 °C100 °C1.5 kW24 L
Hydro H 425 °C100 °C 0.5 kW4 L
Hydro H 4125 °C100 °C1.5 kW41 L
Hydro H 5 V25 °C100 °C1 kW5 L
Hydro H 6 V25 °C100 °C1 kW5.3 L
Hydro H 825 °C 100 °C1 kW8 L
Hydro H 8 A25 °C100 °C1 kW8 L
Hydro H 9 V25 °C100 °C1.5 kW 9 L

Lauda Alpha

Affordable cooling thermostats for maintaining temperatures from -25 to 100 °C in the lab

The LAUDA Alpha offers reliable technology and modern design for temperature ranges from -25 to 100 °C. This line of devices is suitable for internal and external temperature control thermostatting with non-flammable liquids (water and water/glycol). The thermostats are the perfect solution for most basic temperature control applications in the lab. Reduced to th e most essential functions, this affordable product line will win you over with its reliability and user-friendliness.

Product Designation Working Temp. Min. Working Temp. Max. Heater Power Cooling Output @ 20 °C Bath Volume Max.
A Immersion thermostat25 °C100 °C1.5 kW--
A 625 °C100 °C1.5 kW-5.5 L
A 1225 °C100 °C1.5 kW-12 L
A 2425 °C100 °C1.5 kW-25 L
RA 8-25 °C100 °C1.5 kW0.225 kW7.5 L
RA 12-25 °C100 °C1.5 kW0.325 kW14.5 L
RA 24-25 °C100 °C1.5 kW0.425 kW22 L

Lauda ECO

From -50 to 200 °C: Cooling thermostats for economic temperature control in the lab

The ECO thermostats are available in standard silver (LCD display) or gold (color TFT display) models equipped with a mini USB interface. The circulation pump can be adjusted to six levels. The comprehensive model portfolio offers devices with cooling capacities of 180 to 700 watts and minimum temperatures of -15 to -50 °C. The devices of the LAUDA ECO series with the highest performance work with an energy-saving LAUDA SmartCool system.

Product Designation Working Temp. Min. Working Temp. Max. Heater Power Cooling Output @ 20 °C Bath Volume Max.
Silver Immersion thermostat20 °C200 °C2 kW--
Gold Immersion thermostat20 °C200 °C2.60 kW--
E 10 G20 °C200 °C2.6 kW-11 L
E 10 S20 °C200 °C2 kW-11 L
E 20 G20 °C200 °C2.6 kW-19 L
E 20 S20 °C200 °C2 kW-19 L
E 25 G20 °C200 °C2.6 kW-25 L
E 25 S20 °C200 °C2 kW-25 L
E 4 G20 °C200 °C2.6 kW-3.5 L
E 4 S20 °C200 °C2 kW-3.5 L
E 40 G20 °C200 °C2.60 kW-40 L
E 40 S20 °C200 °C2 kW-40 L
ET 12 G20 °C100 °C2.6 kW-12 L
ET 12 S20 °C100 °C2 kW-12 L
ET 15 G20 °C100 °C2.6 kW-15 L
ET 15 S20 °C100 °C2 kW-15 L
ET 20 G20 °C100 °C2.6 kW-20 L
ET 20 S20 °C100 °C2 kW-20 L
ET 6 G20 °C100 °C2.60 kW-6 L
ET 6 S20 °C100 °C2 kW-6 L
RE 415 G-15 °C 200 °C 2.6 kW0.18 kW4 L
RE 415 GW-15 °C200 °C 2.6 kW0.18 kW4 L
RE 415 S-15 °C200 °C2 kW0.18 kW4 L
RE 415 SW-15 °C200 °C2 kW0.18 kW4 L
RE 420 G-20 °C200 °C2.6 kW0.2 kW4 L
RE 420 S-20 °C200 °C2 kW0.2 kW4 L
RE 630 G-30 °C200 °C2.6 kW0.3 kW5.7 L
RE 630 S-30 °C200 °C2 kW0.3 kW5.7 L
E1050 G-50 °C 200 °C2.6 kW0.7 kW10 L
RE 1050 S-50 °C200 °C 2 kW0.7 kW10 L
RE 1225 G-25 °C200 °C2.60 kW0.3 kW12 L
RE 1225 S-25 °C200 °C2 kW0.3 kW12 L
RE 2025 G-25 °C200 °C 2.6 kW0.3 kW20 L
RE 2025 S-25 °C200 °C2 kW0.3 kW20 L

Lauda Microcool - Recirculation Chiller

Circulation chiller for reliable continuous operation in laboratory and research applications from -10 to 40 °C

The easy-to-use circulating cooler line Microcool, consisting of four compact models with a large LED display and membrane keypad, offers cooling capacities of 0.25 to 1.2 kW. The highlight of the devices is the premium quality centrifugal pump with magnetic coupling – unique to this price category: Magnetic coupling of pump and electric motor prevents any kind of seal issue from arising on the pump shaft.

Product Designation Working Temp. Min. Working Temp. Max. Cooling Output @ 20 °C Pump Pressure Max.
MC 250-10 °C40 °C0.25 kW0.35 bar
MC 350-10 °C40 °C0.35 kW0.35 bar
MC 600-10 °C40 °C0.60 kW1.3 bar
MC 1200-10 °C40 °C1.20 kW1.3 bar

Lauda Ultracool

Process circulation chiller with cooling capacity of up to 10 kW or 265 kW from -5 to 25 °C

The compact LAUDA Ultracool circulation chillers with high cooling capacity that are suitable for outdoor installation are ready-to-use “plug & operate systems” with cold water tanks, block pumps and internal bypass. The standard temperature monitor prevents the heat exchanger from freezing. In addition, integrated pressure switches protect the circuit against too high- or low-pressure levels and the cooler housing made of galvanized steel sheet coated with epoxy resin protects against corrosion even in aggressive production environments.

Energy-efficient circulation chillers from -10 to 35 °C with unique connectivity

The LAUDA New Ultracool circulation chillers provide precise temperature control in an extended operating temperature range from -10 to 35 °C and a temperature stability of ±0.5 K. The protection class IP 54 enables outdoor installation, a standard fan control enables operation at ambient temperatures down to -15 °C and reduces noise pollution. LAUDA has been able to reduce the footprint even further compared to comparable previous models. The circulation chillers have an Ethernet interface as standard and can be adapted to any customer-specific requirement thanks to numerous options such as speed-controlled pumps or flow meters.

Product Designation Working Temp. Min. Working Temp. Max. Cooling Output @ 20 °C Pump Pressure Max.
UC 2-5 °C25 °C2.1 kW3.4 bar
UC 4-5 °C25 °C4.9 kW3.4 bar
UUC 8-10 °C35 °C10.2 kW4.2 bar
UC 14-10 °C35 °C15.8 kW4.2 bar
UC 24-10 °C35 °C24.3 kW4.2 bar
UC 50-10 °C35 °C51.2 kW4.6 bar
UC 65-10 °C35 °C66.9 kW5.0 bar
UC 0800 SP-5 °C25 °C87.9 kW4.7 bar
UC 1000 SP-5 °C25 °C106.4 kW 5 bar
UC 1350 SP-5 °C25 °C139.2 kW5 bar
UC 1700 SP-5 °C25 °C175.7 kW5 bar
UC 2400 SP-5 °C25 °C 265 kW 5.9 bar

Lauda Loop

The compact circulation thermostat for external applications from 4 to 80 ° C.

The LAUDA LOOP circulation thermostat convinces with a constant temperature between 4 and 80 ° C and surprising flexibility. Its compact design, low weight, and wide-voltage input from 100 to 240 volts allow it to be used flexibly and spontaneously worldwide - the plug and play with quick coupling also simplifies the application. The intuitive 3-key softkey operation and the simple menu navigation in five available languages ​​via the bright and high-contrast OLED display make it extremely easy to use.

Product Designation Working Temp. Min. Working Temp. Max. Heater Power Cooling Output @ 20 °C Pump Pressure Max.
LOOP L 1004 °C80 °C0.2 kW0.12 kW0.8 bar
LOOP L 2504 °C80 °C0.4 kW0.25 kW0.8 bar

Lauda Pro – Circulation Thermostat

Compact circulation thermostats for professional temperature control from -90 to 250 ° C

The PRO heat circulation thermostats are suitable for external applications up to 250 ° C. The low filling volume allows the connected application to heat up quickly. The compact design enables space-saving installation of the thermostat. A cooling coil integrated as standard is available for counter cooling. The PRO refrigeration circulators are ideal for external applications where rapid temperature changes are necessary. The cooling capacities of 0.6 and 0.8 kW combined with a very low filling volume enable these rapid temperature changes. The thermostats have a working temperature range of -40 to 200 ° C. All types are equipped with a pressure suction pump. Hybrid cooling of the chiller allows cooling with ambient air or with additional cooling water.

Product Designation Working Temp. Min. Working Temp. Max. Heater Power Cooling Output @ 20 °C Bath Volume Max.
P 1040 °C250 °C3.6 kW-10 L
P 10 C40 °C250 °C3.6 kW-10 L
P 2 E80 °C250 °C2.5 kW-4.4 L
P 2 EC80 °C250 °C2.5 kW-4.4 L
P 2035 °C250 °C3.6 kW-20 L
P 20 C35 °C250 °C3.6 kW-20 L
P 3030 °C250 °C3.6 kW-28.5 L
P 30 C30 °C250 °C3.6 kW-28.5 L
RP 240 E-40 °C200 °C2.5 kW0.6 kW4.4 L
RP 240 EC-40 °C200 °C2.5 kW0.6 kW4.4 L
RP 245 E-45 °C200 °C2.5 kW0.8 kW4.4 L
RP 245 EC-45 °C200 °C2.5 kW0.8 kW4.4 L
RP 250 E-50 °C200 °C2.5 kW1.5 kW4.4 L
RP 250 EC-50 °C200 °C2.5 kW1.5 kW4.4 L
RP 290 E-90 °C200 °C2.5 kW0.8 kW4.4 L
RP 290 EC-90 °C200 °C2.5 kW 0.8 kW4.4 L

LAUDA Proline Kryomats

Professional cooling thermostats from -90 to 200 °C for use in process technology and material inspection

The air and water-cooled versions of the Proline Kryomats are available with large bath openings and volumes of between 30 and 40 liters are high cost-effectiveness, and excellent value for money. The pressure pump, which is optimized for internal circulation, can be varied in four stages - particularly user-friendly thanks to the standard LAUDA Command remote control unit. In addition, an integrated bath rim and bath bridge heating prevents condensation from humidity at low temperatures.

Product Designation Working Temp. Min. Working Temp. Max. Heater Power Cooling Output @ 20 °C Bath Volume Max.
RP 3090 C-90 °C200 °C3.5 kW3.0 kW31 L
RP 3090 CW-90 °C200 °C3.5 kW4.0 kW31 L
RP 4050 C-50 °C200 °C3.5 kW5.0 kW44 L
RP 4050 CW-50 °C200 °C3.5 kW6.0 kW44 L
RP 4090 C-90 °C200 °C 3.5 kW3.0 kW44 L

Lauda Integral T

Integral T process thermostats for professional external temperature control from -30 to 150 °C

The new LAUDA Integral T process thermostats ensure efficient control of external temperature control processes in the temperature range from -30 to 150 °C. The units enable rapid temperature changes due to adapted heating and cooling capacities with small internal volumes. Due to the open hydraulic system, the unit vents quickly and without functional restrictions. This makes it ideal for temperature control processes with frequent consumer or specimen changes. A reliable, powerful submersible pump and the internal bypass for pressure limitation are standard features of the Integral T. The modular interface concept is now also implemented in the Integral T and ensures maximum networking of the user processes.

Product Designation Working Temp. Min. Working Temp. Max. Heater Power Cooling Output @ 20 °C Pump Pressure Max.
IN 130 T-30 °C120 °C2.7 kW1.4 kW3.5 bar
IN 230 T-30 °C 120 °C2.7 kW2.2 kW3.5 bar
IN 230 TW-30 °C120 °C 2.7 kW2.3 kW3.5 bar
IN 530 T-30 °C120 °C8.0 kW5.0 kW3.5 bar
IN 530 TW-30 °C120 °C8.0 kW6.0 kW3.5 bar
IN 1030 T-30 °C150 °C8.0 kW11.0 kW5.5 bar
IN 1330 TW-30 °C150 °C16.0 kW13.0 kW5.5 bar