Rotary Evaporators


The newly developed product line from IKA® in ergonomic, compact design with innovative functions to improve operating results, Rotary evaporators with integrated heating bath HB 10 digital (3 litre) inc. space saving vertical glassware (1 litre).

  • Heating bath with adjustable safety circuit, "stand alone" operation possible, pivoting safety hood as accessory.
  • Safe and simple operation through ergonomically shaped operator unit in the front area.
  • Motorized lift (stroke 140 mm) with "safety stop" function, if the power cuts out the evaporator piston is automatically lifted out of the heating bath.
  • Adjustable end position recognition to protect the glass from breaking.
  • Speed range from 20 to 280 rpm.
  • Smooth start from 100 rpm.
  • Digital speed display.
  • Moves right and left in interval operation for the drying process.
  • Timer function for time lapse controls.
  • Water-oil heating bath with integrated carry handles with safe handling.
  • Heats up quickly because of optimized bath volumes.
  • Cooling surface 1,200 cm².
  • Push-off mechanism to loosen tightly fitting pistons.
  • Digital water - oil heating bath with integrated carry handles.
  • Temperature control of the heating bath by a micro controller.
  • Digital temperature display.
  • Infrared interface for data transfer from the heating bath to the drive unit.
  • RS 232 interface for PC remote operation with labworldsoft.
  • Automatic operation with labworldsoft.
  • Suitable for DIN EN 12697-3 (Asphalt test for hot asphalt).



Integrated Digital Vacuum Controller
Fully programmable automatic distillation system

Features: In Addition to RV 10 Digital V
  • Integrated vacuum controller with central display for automatic distilling and ramp programming.
  • Integrated solvent library, extendible by the client
  • Distillation specific parameters stored for standard distillation
  • Automatic transfer of measurements and distillation type with one key press
  • Volume controlled distillation processes programmable
  • Colour graphic display for safe and comfortable device operation
  • Display of distillation curves
  • Multiple languages
  • Automatic ventilation after the end of the test
  • Cooling water switched off automatically after the end of the test
  • Integrated cooling water monitoring
  • Heating bath safety management: automatic heating bath monitoring with
  • distillation stop in case of temperature errors
  • Heating bath switched off automatically after the end of the test
  • USB Interface.

Specifications : In addition to RV Digital V


Multi-flask Distillation


Vacuum Pump

Multi-tube Distillation

Dry-ice Condenser

RV 3 V–C

The new RV 3 Rotary Evaporator is the ideal entry-level model of the IKA rotary evaporator portfolio. It finds a multitude of uses in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries, in research and development, in manufacturing and quality assurance, in laboratories, and in plant construction. Thanks to specially designed glass guides, the transparent vertical coated condenser makes extremely efficient use of the 1500 cm² cooling surface.

  • New: 4 l heating bath for up to 99°C
  • water heating bath with digital temperature display and carrying handles
  • mechanical lift end-point safety stop
  • locking mechanism: red indicator shows unlocked position of the vapor tube
  • manual lift for precise positioning of the glassware
  • adjustable immersion angle
  • single-handed manual lift handling, suitable for left and right-handed operators
  • stepless speed setting with dial control and speed display
  • speed range: 5 - 300 min-1
  • low device voltage (24V) ensures user safety
  • flask clamping mechanism with integrated push-off function for easy exchange of evaporation flasks
  • high-efficiency condenser with 1500 cm² cooling surface - low space requirements
  • compatible with the entire range of IKA RV 10 glassware

Orbital Orbital
Type of cooling vertical
Cooling surface 1500 cm2
Motor principle DC
Speed range 20 - 300 rpm
Speed tolerance set rotation speed < 100rpm 1 ±rpm
Speed tolerance set rotation speed > 100rpm 1 ±%
Lift manual
Stroke 150 mm
Heating temperature range room temp. - 99 °C
Dimensions (W x H x D) 440 x 530 x 330 mm
Weight 22.31 kg
Permissible ambient temperature 5 - 40 °C
Permissible relative humidity 80 %
Protection class according to DIN EN 60529 IP 20
Voltage 100 - 240 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power input 1400 W

RV 10 Auto FLEX

The completely revised RV 10 auto is the flagship of the IKA Rotation Evaporator product line. Its impressive features include an innovative control concept with a bright, high-contrast, TFT, color-graphic control panel, an integrated vacuum controller, cooling water monitoring and mature safety standards. The RV 10 auto offer all properties required for efficient, safe, and cost-effective operations. These include automatic control of the vacuum and cooling water volume. Its intuitive handling concept quickly leads its users to their desired results in every application. Thanks to its extended ramp programming capability, the RV 10 auto allows users to carry out customized procedures. Other innovative features, such as smooth start, interval mode, right-left operation in interval mode, or the timer function for time-lapse tests, make everyday work in the laboratory much easier. Safety is ensured by the motorized lift with safety-stop function that automatically lifts the evaporation flask out of the heating bath in the case of power failure. 

  • New: 4 l heating bath
  • integrated vacuum controller
  • integrated solvent library with 40 preset solvents and expansion option
  • bright, high-contrast, TFT, color-graphic control panel
  • universal safety heating bath
  • optimized heating bath volume for rapid achievement of working temperature
  • heating bath with ergonomic handles
  • temperature safety circuit
  • boil-dry protection
  • intuitive handling concept with simple menu navigation
  • programming option for up to ten individual procedures
  • smooth start
  • right or left rotation
  • timer function
  • end-point recognition
  • push-off mechanism for tightly-fitting flasks
  • digital interfaces: USB port and RS-232 interface for remote control
  • multi-language operating system
  • automatic cooling water management
  • automatic ventilation
  • automatic heating bath management

Type of cooling without condenser
Cooling surface 1500 cm2
Speed range 5 - 300 rpm
Reversible direction of rotation yes
Speed tolerance set rotation speed < 100rpm 1 ±rpm
Speed tolerance set rotation speed > 100rpm 1 ±%
Lift Motor
Stroke 140 mm
Heating temperature range room temp. - 180 °C
Heat output 1350 W
Set temperature resolution 1 ±K
Filling volume max. 4 l
Vacuum controller integrated yes
Timer yes
Dimensions (W x H x D) 500 x 430 x 440 mm
Weight 18.6 kg
Permissible ambient temperature 5 - 40 °C
Permissible relative humidity 80 %
Protection class according to DIN EN 60529 IP 20
RS 232 interface yes
USB interface yes
Analog output yes
Voltage 100 - 240 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power input 100 W
Power input standby 3.3 W