Ultra Lab Products

Ultra Lab Products promotes & distributes the entire range of indigenous and Imported Laboratory Chemicals, Filteration Products & Chromatography

Ultra International

Ultra International promotes & distributes the entire range of LC/MS, ULCMS, Headspace Grade & NMR Solvents, Volumetric, Spectroscopy, Organic & Inorganic standards

Ultra Instruments

Ultra Instruments promotes & distributes Scientific Laboratory Equipments & Instruments commonly used in all Industries, Research, Pharma, Life Science

Ultra Bio Scientific

Ultra Bio Scientific promotes and distributes Life Science Instruments & equipments to support testing & development of life science deliverables

Ultra FineChem & Inst, Mumbai

Ultra FineChem & Inst promotions & distributes imported & indigenous laboratory chemicals, filtration & Chromotography products, solvents, organic & inorganic standards, lab instruments

Ultra Instruments, Hyderabad

Ultra Instruments promotions & distributes a wide range of Laboratory Instruments & Equipments covering all Pharma, Bio Pharma, Lifesciences, Research, Food & Feed Industries