Microwave Digesters

Analytical Instruments


The EasyPREP BOD-200 and EasyPREP  BOD-300 provide users with the capability to conduct dissolved oxygen DO measurement for the calculation of BOD and BOD analysis. Analyze BOD in conjunction with BOD to verify if non-compliant BOD results are due to nitrification and to obtain results more reflective of real effluent quality when under nitrifying conditions

Features :
  • Optimize laboratory management by opting for 5, 7 or 20-day incubation periods
  • Accommodates 300ml reusable glass and/or disposable bottles as well as 165ml or  60 ml glass re-usable bottles
  • Barcoding option provides sample, bottle and rack tracking throughout the process
  • Auto wash station prevents cross contamination
  • User-friendly software, LIMS compatible
  • Compliant with laboratory standards: ISO 5815-1, EN-1899-1, EN-1899-2, EN-5814 (2012), EPA 405.1 Standard Method 5210B

Easy PREP COD Robotic system

COD system automates the mixing, heating, cooling and analysis of COD samples.

COD tubes are placed in a digestion block for sample digestion, followed by shaking and cooling. They are then transferred to the spectrophotometer where samples are analyzed. Results and calculations are displayed in real-time.

The COD-200 offers turbidity detection. In turbid samples, light scattered from solid particles may interfere with the sample’s measured absorbance. In COD analysis, the presence of turbidity can cause deviations of up to 30% from the real sample value. This capability allows the end user to confidently analyze samples knowing that the turbidity level is adequate for COD analysis.

Titrc EC Robotic system for measurement of PH/Alkalinity/Conductivity/ORP/Turbidity/Temperature/ Chloride & Fluoride by ISE

TitrEC is a multi-parameter robotic platform designed for automated electrochemical measurements for large numbers of samples operating under stringent requirements. Improved operational efficiency allows laboratories to take on new projects and re-allocate personnel to higher value tasks. TitrEC features corrosion resistant components and is designed for long lasting laboratory operation.

  • Alkalinity Measurement
  • pH Measurement and Adjustment
  • Conductivity Measurement
  • ORP Measurement
  • Chloride and Fluoride by ISE Measurement
  • Turbidity Measurement
  • Temperature Measurement


DigiPREP Block Digestion Systems

DigiPREP blocks are Teflon coated to resist aggressive corrosive attack for guaranteed long life in harsh laboratory environments.  Various sizes are available and offer the latest in graphite block digestion technology.  All DigiPREP blocks are accepted and used in Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) Office of Water Methods

DigiPREP HT High Temperature Digestion Systems

DigiPREP HT is constructed with an all-Telfon®manifold exhaust system, which eliminates breakage typical with all-glass manifolds. The manifolds Teflon® tube adaptors float in each digestion tube eliminating sample loss while removing fumes resulting from the digestion process. Teflon manifold® is used in conjunction with a running water jet (010-520-030, included with the instrument) or the SCP SCIENCE Universal Scrubber System.DigiPREP HT digestion systems were designed to minimize bench space with small "footprint" and with all movement of components (manifold, tube rack) up and down while using the specially constructed up-right positions.

Microwave Digestion System


MiniWAVE is a top-loading, compact, axisymmetric Microwave Digestion System consisting of a Touch Screen Controller and up to 4 Digestion Modules connected via USB cables. Each Module is able to digest up to 6 samples simultaneously in 75 ml Quartz or 75 ml Teflon® vessels. Modules can be programmed and monitored using separate or the same digestion method.

Features :
  • Budget friendly version for smaller sample loads
  • Audit trail provides complete digestion details, method, sample ID and temperature profile
  • Dual safety interlock switches 13 gauge Stainless Steel cavity  Teflon® Coated for operator safety and corrosion resistance
  • Real time temperature monitoring and control Single Controller - can operate up to 4 Modules
  • Future Expansion by adding only Modules
  • Designed as per USP 231

Multi VIEW

MultiVIEW is a fully automated Microwave Digestion System able to simultaneously digest up to twelve samples, each with their own individual method. Its unique design includes hardware and software to monitor and control individual sample temperature.

Features :
  • Prepare your racks in under a minute.
  • Detailed reports are available for each digested sample.
  • Safety features for both the operator and instrument have been employed throughout.


NovaWAVE SA can be upgraded to the fully automated NovaWAVE FA mode through the acquisition of the Transporter and additional racks. With the use of volume calibrated Quartz vessels for most applications and/or Teflon® vessels with HF acid, hundreds of samples can be processed easily in a day.

Vessels are placed in racks which are moved under software control into the microwave tunnel. Twelve microwave mini cavities are dynamically formed and energy is delivered to each mini microwave cavity according to the digestion method selected. On exiting the tunnel, the rack proceeds to the Cooling Station as the second rack enters the tunnel to begin its digestion sequence. Once the digestion of the second rack is completed, it moves to the Cooling Station with the first rack moving to the Auto- Venting Station. Here, vessels are vented automatically when they reach the preset temperature assigned in the method.


NovaWAVE FA is a Stand Alone microwave digestion tunnel system, created in this manner to improve productivity and also for automation. The Touch Screen Controller allows for fast and simple programming to digest a variety of samples. The software was designed to track sample ID, date and time of the digestion, operator ID and the actual temperature profile of each sample digested. NovaWAVE employs real-time temperature monitoring and control of each sample independently in each Rack. The software includes a series of Safety Messages to ensure safe and complete digestions. The racks can handle both volume calibrated Quartz digestion vessels and Teflon® vessels at the same time.

Features :
  • Reporting of individual sample temperature profiles vs. target profiles
  • The ability to mix and match different sample matrices in one digestion run
  • Automation of the digestion process
  • The easiest vessel assembly in the market
  • Multiple, simple Method programming
  • Position numbered, Balance Transfer Rack to simplify sample movement from weighing station to acid addition to the Digestion Rack