Vacuum Pumps


Separation, filtration, removal: The VACSTAR dry 4-chamber membrane vacuum pump is powerful, resistant to chemicals and low-maintenance. VACSTAR control is the ideal system with its integrated vacuum controller and removable display. The controller offers a suitable mode for the desired process: from automatic to manual operation, right through to pumping or an evacuation and cleaning function.

High-performance suction

VACSTAR has an excellent suction performance, with its 22 l/min at a minimum of 2 mbar.

Integrated vacuum controller with removable WiCo

Depending on the application, you can easily select your operating mode either by using the intuitive operator menu or by remote control.

Protects user and environment

The VACSTAR system includes a downstream vacuum safety emission condenser (VSE1). This reliably protects laboratory employees and the environment from harmful exhaust air.


The four-chamber membrane vacuum pump convinces with its high suction capacity, low space requirement and high serviceability. The setting of the parameters is carried out through a rotary-push button over a digital display showing current rpm.

Automated processes are controlled with the vacuum controller VC 10, which is available as an accessory. An analogue cable which is required for connecting pump and controller is included in the delivery of the pump. Additionally it is recommended to use the VSE 1 vacuum safety emmission. It prevents that solvents are released into ambient air. The Vacstar digital is used for dry and oli-free applications in the laboratory. The membranes of the pump are particularly chemical resistant

MVP 10 basic vacuum pump

For dry, oil-free applications

  • Slimline, compact design and long service life
  • Straightforward servicing and simple maintenance
  • Diaphragm pump that is highly resistant to chemicals as all parts that come into contact with gas are made of PTFE or PTFE compounds

IKA VACSTAR Control IKA VACSTAR Digital MVP 10 basic vacuum pump
Pump rate max. (50/60Hz) 1.32 m³/h 1.32 m³/h 1.7 m³/h
Pump rate max. (50/60Hz) 22 l/min 22 l/min 28.3 l/min
Input pressure min. 2 mbar 2 mbar 7 mbar
Input pressure max. 1030 mbar 1030 mbar 1050 mbar
Boiling point detection yes
Solvent libraryyes
Two-point controlyes
Analog speed vacuum control yes yes
Speed min. 285 rpm 285 rpm 1380 rpm
Speed max. 1200 rpm 1200 rpm 1680 rpm
Noise at low. pressure 54 dB(A) 54 dB(A) 65 dB(A)
Housing material alu-cast coating / thermoplastic polymer alu-cast coating / thermoplastic polymer

JP Water Aspirator Vacuum Pump

The JP Pump of VELP consists of a ABS structure highly resistant to chemical corrosion and a tank where the water introduced is re-circulated continuously, offering considerable savings on water. The type and quality of the materials used make the instrument extremely quiet and long-lasting, and guarantee a high flow rate (up to 35 l/min).

Special technical devices, such as the level tank for checking the water, the cock for emptying the tank and two convenient handles for handling, help the laboratory technician during use.


JPV Recirculating Water Vacuum Pump

VELP Scientifica has developed a recirculating water vacuum pump, JPV model, which assures a constant water recirculation (previously introduced in the tank of the pump). This allows a drastic decrease of water consumption.

Technical Specification
Construction material : ABS
Max air flow rate : 22 l/min
Flow rate regulation : 0 ÷ 22 I/min
Vacuum regulation : 1 ÷ 0.04 bar
Residual pressure with a water temperature in the tank of 15°C : 35 mm/Hg
Power : 160 W
Momentary Yes
Dimensions(W x D x H) : 250x400x 370 mm (9.8x15.7x14.6 in)
Weight : 8 Kg (17.6 lb)