UV Cabinets


The Grant bio UVC/T-M-AR is an efficient general purpose stainless steel UV cabinet for carrying out short-term procedures.

The UVC/T-M-AR cabinets are equipped with an open UV lamp installed in the upper part of the hood. UV-radiation from these lamps effectively disinfects the working area, inactivating DNA / RNA fragments during 15-30 minutes of exposure. The digital timer controls the duration of the direct UV irradiation. An additional daylight lamp provides a bright, clear working area.

The system comes with a high efficiency flow-type bactericidal UV cleaner- recirculator which provide constant decontamination inside the cabinet during operation.

The UV cleaner - recirculator consists of UV lamp, dust filters and a fan. The recirculation effect increases the maximum density of the UV light making it sufficiently effective for DNA / RNA inactivation. The recirculator processes 360 UV-cabinet volumes per hour, creating permanently aseptic conditions within the cabinet.


Designed for robustness and ease of access, it features a built-in UV cleaner- recirculator to prevent unwanted contamination and to protect the user from direct UV light during manipulation.

  • Built-in patented UV cleaner- recirculator both increases the maximum density of UV light and generates 25 m³/h air flow exchange - prevents unwanted contamination and protects the user from direct UV light during manipulation.
  • UV surface irradiation - via single 25W 254nm open UV lamp

  • High intensity UV cleaner - 25m³/hour cleaner- recirculator continuous air flow with 1cm UV irradiation distance.
  • UV protection - UV-protective film on glass panels.
  • UV exposure controlled by 24h digital timer.
  • Convenient, easy to use digital timer for accurate control of UV exposure.
  • White lamp provides local illumination of the workplace to optimize visual control during operations.
  • Automatic switch-off of irradiated UV light when door opened.
  • Front opening with three adjustable positions for ease of access.


These UV-cabinets are designed for clean operations with DNA samples and provide protection against contamination. They are recommended for operations with dangerous infectious and viral materials as well as DNA / RNA amplification.



NB-603WS is HEPA filtered clean bench and UV PCR workstation. The workstation is bench-top type, made of metal framework, polycarbonate walls and a working surface made of stainless steel. With open UV lamps and horizontal air circulation through HEPA filter, this bench is used during operation with DNA/RNA sample especially, for PCR work.


  • Class 100 Environment with HEPA Filter.
  • Vertical laminar air flow without recirculation.
  • Polycarbonate side walls and full open door with foldable hand access (17cms from bottom).
  • Long life time UV lamp (average 4000 hrs).
  • Precise electronic timer.
  • Ozone free high density UV decontamination.
  • Simple analog operation with S/W button.
  • Stainless Steel work surface.
  • Low noise blower motor (cross flow fan).
  • Manually selectable exhaust holes in chamber.


MODEL : NB-803MS & NB 803MSF

Multi Functional Bio Work Station with Built-in Centrifuge, Shaking Incubator, Particle Meter.


  • General Centrifuge, Cooling Centrifuge (For NB-803MSF)
    It’s designed for multipurpose such as dividing & refining cell or blood. 24 each of standard tubes (15 ml) can be rotated at one time
  • Shaking Incubator
    Shaking incubator is set to mix reagents during clinical experiments. Temperature & RPM can be adjusted through the waterproof control panel.
  • Bio-work Station
    99.99% HEPA Filter & UV Sterilization provides pure environment, Air circulation can be regulated to be strong or weak, Air convection is laminar flow type (Air curtain) to cut it off from the external environment.
  • Foot Switch
    It is designed to start or stop Centrifuge & Shaking Incubator.
  • HEPA Filter
    It is equipped to filter 99.99% of dusts over the size of 0.3µm.
  • Pressure Gauge
    By checking the pressure gauge which indicates internal pressure, it allows you to notice the filter defects as well as the timing of replacing the filter.
  • Customization option
    Customize your multi station with your desired device to be inserted in this work station.