ACE, Scotland is dedicated to developing solutions for chromatographers working in pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies, universities, hospitals, research institutions, government agencies and the environmental & process control industries.


  • ACE HILIC: This is a new range of three exciting new selectivities for HILIC. These novel proprietary phases have been developed to enable chromatographers to achieve reproducible and successful HILIC separations using a systematic approach to method development.
  • ACE Method Development Kits: ACE columns offer chromatographers an extremely powerful and reliable approach to UHPLC and HPLC method development. Based upon an ultra-inert, high efficiency silica, ACE phases incorporate the latest developments in LC stationary phase design.
  • ACE UltraCore: ACE UltraCore is an addition to the ACE range of bonded phases, ultra-inert solid-core phase manufactured using the unique Encapsulated Bonding Technology (EBTTM).

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