The companies DURAN Group, Wheaton Industries and Kimble Chase, Germany merged to form a new global company – DWK Life Sciences in June 2017. DWK Life Sciences combines the expertise of the acclaimed product brands DURAN®, WHEATON® and KIMBLE®. As one of the world's leading manufacturers of premium lab glass, DWK Life Sciences offers its customers a complete range of high quality laboratory glassware – from the classic disposables to reusable precision glassware.

Additionally, DWK Life Sciences develops and produces a wide range of plastic lab- ware and specialty products for life science applications as well as packaging and storage solutions for the pharmaceutical industry;

Products Laboratory Products

  • Lab Bottles
  • Vials & Microplates
  • Volumetrics
  • Beakers & Flasks
  • Chemistry Glassware
  • Safety Coated Glass
Packaging Products
  • Vials
  • Bottles
  • Caps & Closures
  • Pharma Production

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