PRINCIPAL – Grant Instruments

Grant Instruments, UK have been designing and manufacturing scientific temperature control and data acquisition technologies, together with lifescience laboratory equipment for over 67 years and are now a market leader. Today, Grant offers a unique combination of technical expertise, simple user experience and customized services.

From bringing reliability, high performance, accuracy and enduring design to the scientific, healthcare and industrial markets worldwide, with every one of Grant products designed to help the customers.


  • Rockers & Shakers
  • Shakers, Mixers & Stirrers
  • Thermoshakers
  • Orbital Shaker –Incubators
  • Unstirred/ Stirred Water Bath
  • Centrifuges
  • Densitometers
  • Ultrasonics Baths
  • UV Cabinets/ UVR Air Flow Cleaners

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