LABWIT Scientific, Australia is driven by innovations and its extensive product ranges are at the cutting-edge internationally for both industrial and scientific applications where temperature and atmosphere control are paramount. It is committed to the fact that our society needs to continue to undertake research, deliver world-class healthcare, and ultimately improve health standards in all areas where LABWIT Scientific makes valuable contributions.

LABWIT Scientific has always been a company that relies on its wide product portfolio of highest quality, puts great emphasis on customer satisfaction as well as service quality and sustains the strength of its past into the future.


Shaking Incubators

  • Stackable Shaking Incubators
  • Benchtop Shaking Incubators
  • Horizontal Shaking Incubators
  • Double Layer Shaking Incubators

Shakers & Rockers

  • Benchtop Shakers & Rockers
  • Floor Shakers

Water Baths & Shakers

  • Shaking Water Baths
  • General Water Baths


  • CO2 Incubators
  • General Purpose Incubators
  • Cooled BOD Incubators
  • Humidity Incubators


  • Back Heating Ovens
  • Bottom heating Ovens

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