eMP Biotek, Germany founded in 1993 with a strong focus in organic synthesis, biomolecular modification and purification, emp BIOTECH provides quality reagents and services for the life science community.

It manufactures fine chemicals, DNA synthesis reagents, tools for molecular biology, chromatography media and related products. In addition, we provide contract organic synthesis, protein and nucleic acid labeling, peptide synthesis, consulting and analytical services.


  • Synthesis of fluorescent probes, linkers, haptens, modified nucleosides and nucleotides
  • Labelling of proteins and purification of conjugates
  • Custom synthesis in sizes from submicrogram amounts to 200 L batch reactions
  • Synthesis of chemiluminescent sensitizers, precursors and electron-transfer markers
  • Distribution and sales of reagents, kits and fine chemicals for the life sciences
  • Manufacture and packaging of pure, high quality fine chemicals
  • Manufacture of speciality solvents, mixtures and reagents
  • Manufacture of products for modification and or purification of DNA and proteins
  • Manufacture of gel filtration columns, spin columns and multiwell filtration plates

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