BRAND, Germany focusses on finding solution that will make work simpler, easier, and more efficient – while delivering the quality and perfection that customers expect from a product designed and Made in Germany.

Brand is equally committed to the quality of products and of its services. Providing expert advice and exceptional service to the customers is part of their DNA at BRAND.


Liquid Handling Products

  • Pipetting
  • Pipetting Aids
  • Dispensing
  • Titrating

Volumetric Measurement Products (CLASS A)

  • Bulb Pipettes
  • Graduated Pipettes
  • Volumetrics Flasks
  • Graduated Cylinders

Life Science Consumables

  • Pipette Tips & Filter Tips
  • Microcentrifuge Tubes
  • PCR Tubes, Plates & Racks
  • Microplates, Cuvettes

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