PRINCIPAL – AccuStandard

AccuStandard, USA founded in 1986, is a leading manufacturer of Certified Reference Materials (CRMs). The company started in a business incubator co-sponsored by Yale University and The City of New Haven at the former site of Olin Chemical Company in New Haven, Connecticut, USA.

The Company is renowned for its recognition and speedy introduction of standards to the market place. The Company’s unparalleled Synthesis Department provides important and unique products and product lines, including systhesis of all 209 PCB and PBDE congeners, as well as many halogenated dioxins and dibenzofurans, PAHs and pesticides.


  • Quality Control Standards: NotLot & Capillary Column Probe Solutions, Alternate Source Line, Proficiency Testing, Water Pollution (Inorganic & Petroleum)
  • Organic Single Analytes:
    Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP)
    Pesticides and Herbicides Standards
    Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Petrochemical Standards: Quality Control Standards, ASTM Standards, Sulfur Standards, UOP Standards,Biofuel Standards, TPH, Fuel and Hydrocarbons, LUFT / LUST Standards
  • Inorganic Standards: AAS / ICP Standards traceable to NIST, Matrix Modifier, Ion Chromatography Standards, Wet Chemical Standards, Instrument check Standards, Groundwater, Wastewater & TCLP Standards, EPA Standards, Spike Standards, Organometallic Standards & Solid Matrix Standards

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