PRINCIPAL – Perkin Elmer

Perkin Elmer, USA  is an American global corporation focused in the business areas of diagnostics, life science research, food, environmental and industrial testing. Its capabilities include detection, imaging, informatics, and service.

PerkinElmer has helped the global laboratory partners meet their most demanding application measurement challenges. Its experience in Chromatography, Spectroscopy and Materials Characterization gives it a unique advantage in providing holistic and comprehensive solutions for laboratories in universities and key market segments like Environmental, Energy and Food & Product Safety.


Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

  • Autosampler Supplies
  • AAS Standards traceable to NIST
  • Lamps, Mercury Analyzer Supplies


  • Benches and Carts
  • Compressors, Injectors and Adapters
  • Nebulizers, Sample Introduction Kits


  • Cones, Detectors
  • ICP Standards traceable to NIST
  • Injectors and Adapters, Load Coils, Nebulizers
  • Mass Spectrometer Hardware

Sample Preparation

Liquid Chromatography Columns & Accessories

Gas Chromatography Columns & Accessories

FT-IR accessories

b>UV/VIS / DSC / TGA supplies & material

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