Biosolve, Israel focusses on producing and distributing high purity solvents, formulations and reagents for research, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical and food-processing industries.

The company is a major player in the world market, with a leading position in the production of very high purity reagents, formulations and solvents, specialising in liquid and gas phase chromatography and specialised products for organic chemistry and DNA/RNA synthesis.


  • Headspace Solvents for OVI Analysis: Biosolve Headspace grade solvents are the most suitable dissolution solvents for the analysis of OVI (Organic Volatile Impurities) as described by the ICH, USP & EP Methods.
  • GC Solvents for Trace Organic Analysis: Biosolve GC Grade Solvents are developed to meet the demands of Trace analysis, a major challenge in analytical chemistry. Biosolve GC grade solvents are ultimate for analysis of common pesticides, residue analysis, PCB’S, Dioxins, Furans & Organic trace analysis.
  • ULC / MS Solvents: Biosolve ULC/MS solvents are checked and guaranteed to meet the demand for High chemical purity, high UV transmission, lowest peak impurities and drift in the gradient elution tests to ensure reproducibility, low fluorescence impurities and low level of ionic background of less than 100 ppb of Alkali metal
  • ULC / MS Additives: Biosolve ULC/MS additives are developed to meet the demands of ULC/MS applications and ensure to improve chromatographic peak shape and to optimize ionization in the MS interface. All ULC/MS reagents are packed under inert gas for improved shelf life.
  • Reference Standards for G C: Biosolve range of highly pure GC reference standards are utmost suitable for various GC applications. The majority of GC reference standards are completely synthetic and typically over 99.9% pure. The purity and the specific impurity profile of each standard is determined by GCFID & GC MS and reported in the COA of each lot. Assay is determined against traceable certified international standards (USP)
  • Hydroquant: Biosolve now offers a comprehensive range of Coulometric and Volumetric HYDROQUANT reagents for water analysis by Karl Fischer method. HYDROQUANT product line makes water determination easy and consistent, given reliable results for a wide range of samples

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