RCI Labscan, Thailand manufacture and distribute high-quality laboratory solvents for businesses in a variety of industries. In doing so, the company has grown to become one of the Asia Pacific region’s leading chemical product suppliers.

They are the preferred OEM supplier to a number of global multinational companies. With world-class technology and expertise, a strong commitment to excellence in quality, service and value to customers.


  • Solvents for LC & Gradient Analysis: Ultra High Pure Solvents with very Low Baseline drift in gradient HPLC, low levels of impurities that absorb in the UV range and minimum peak impurities. High UV Transmission. Filtered through 0.2um. Mobile phase for different types of detectors. Suitable for LCMS applications. High purity solvents with low level of trace metals.
  • Solvents for GC Analysis: Ultra High Pure Solvents for GC Analysis which meets the stringent demands of capillary gas chromatography. These solvents are tested by GC/ECD to ensure no peak greater than 5 ng/L as Lindane.
  • Solvents for Pesticide Residue Analysis: Ultra High Pure Solvents for Pesticide and Insecticide residue analysis. Use of extraction, isolation and pre-concentration technique. For trace environmental analysis by capillary GC & GC-MS application. Used for volatile organic analysis of soil, water and solid waste samples.

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