SCP SCIENCE, Canada has served the inorganic analytical chemistry market since 1980. We bring to our customers specialized products for atomic spectroscopy. The company has grown substantially in recent years through the development of extensive internal manufacturing capability, acquisition of several companies which have been incorporated into the main company, and expansion of its sales and distribution network around the world.

Currently, the company has manufacturing expertise and capacity in inorganic reagents and standards; oil based standards (Conostan); injection moulding of acid resistant plastic products; electronic board assembly; lab instrument assembly; glass and quartz manufacturing, and the machining of plastic and metal components.


Digestion System
SCP SCIENCE offers digestion systems for all applications. The Multi view / Mini wave  microwave digestion system offers exceptional sample throughput and digestion speed while the Digi PREP graphite Block Digestion Systems offer the convenience of disposable digestion tubes (Digi TUBEs)


MiniWAVE is a top-loading, compact, axisymmetric Microwave Digestion System consisting of a Touch Screen Controller and up to 4 Digestion Modules connected via USB cables. Each Module is able to digest up to 6 samples simultaneously in 75 ml Quartz or 75 ml Teflon® vessels


MultiVIEW is a fully automated Microwave Digestion System able to simultaneously digest up to twelve samples, each with their own individual method. Its unique design includes hardware and software to monitor and control individual sample temperature

EASY PREP sample Handler for ICP/AAS- EasyPREP Sample Handler is designed for high precision reagent additions of up to 7 reagents, sample dilutions, sample aliquoting, automated pipetting and other applications.

ICP Standards mainly

  • Single element / Multi element calibration standards
  • Custom ICP Standard
  • Instrument control Solution (Tuning solution)
  • Quality Control Standard
  • Stock calibration and QC Standard

Ion Chromatography Standard

TOC Standard

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