Combined Orbital/Linear Shaking Bath OLS-200

The Grant OLS200 orbital/linear shaking bath combines Grant's high precision temperature control with a robust high quality, patented shaking mechanism that works smoothly and consistently in demanding laboratory applications.


  • High quality, robust design with unique magnetically coupled shaking mechanism for maximum reliability, consistency and quiet operation.
  • Unique shaking mechanism allows orbital and linear shaking in one product, simply change the orientation of the shaking tray to change from one mode to the other.
  • Wide range of accessories to provide exactly the right solution for your application.
  • Precision digital temperature control, 0º to 99ºC operating range*, Stability ±0.1ºC, Easy changeover from linear to orbital shaking, Powerful drive mechanism - quiet operation, smooth consistent shaking over a wide speed range.
  • Heater and temperature sensor mounted under tank - large available working area; easy to clean/keep clean.
  • Individual displays/controls for temperature and shaking speed.
  • Can be operated below ambient/ to 0ºC with accessory cooling.

* Accessory cooling is required for operation below ambient temperature.


Polycarbonate lids, Universal tray - with springs, Plain tray, Test tube tray, Test tube racks, Immersion cooler, Heat exchange coil.


MODEL : NB 303 / NB 304

By maintaining constant temperature and using orbital shaking, water bath is used for fat examining, cell incubating, ferment reaction, solvent extraction.


  • Artificial intelligence system (NB TAC Sys) which maintains precise thermostatic condition is controlled by MICOM.
  • Built in magnetic stirrer located at bottom of water tank.
  • The heater for chamber is located at outside bottom of water chamber, not inside chamber.
  • LED indicates temperature, speed, time and state of power failure.
  • Convenient adjustment of water level with engraved level scale in chamber.
  • Possible to control RPM and Temperature.
  • By circulating water in chamber, stirring sample is conducted under precise temperature.


GLS Aqua Plus Series

Two programmable temperature and shaking presets - allows commonly used temperatures and shaking speeds to be quickly selected, Digital PID control for quick heat-up and precision control throughout the temperature range.

Ambient +5ºC to 99ºC operation, Stability ± 0.1ºC.

Stainless steel tank with smooth lines - high grade steel, with durable polished finish.

Clean, painted steel case - maximum chemical and abrasion resistance, User-settable over-temperature sample protection- protects samples form over-heating, Drain tap - allows convenient emptying.

Raised feet - allows lifting while holding base of tank.

Heater mat and sensor bonded to underside of tank - optimizes temperature uniformity, workspace and it is easy to clean.

Grant non-drip polycarbonate lid, included as standard - improves performance, limits evaporation and conserves energy.

Choice of three versatile trays - universal, test tube and plain tray. Tray is required, specify when ordering.

Clear, wide-angle viewing digital LED display with indication of heating state - 'heating-up', 'cooling down' or 'maintaining temperature‘, Simple and intuitive programming - immediate temperature re-setting from -/+ buttons.

Fixed thermal cut-out - protects the user if the bath is accidentally run without water or in the very unlikely event of failure of both control systems.

Countdown timer with audible buzzer - for accurate reaction timing, User calibration - single or dual-point for optimum re-calibration of your working temperature.

Front panel lock-out - disables front panel controls and prevents settings being accidentally changed.

**Depending on Load