This Wristarm shaker comes with two side arms and 8 three-prong alloy clamps to take up to Erlenmeyer flasks a 1000ml or 8 Erlenmeyer flasks a 500ml for vigorous shaking needs. It simulates hand shaking movement and is designed for continuous run. With the analogue timer up to 60 minutes shaking action can be covered. The shaking frequency can be set from 50 to 800 rpm.

The main switch has 3 positions: “0”=Unit off “1”=Continuous run “II”=Unit is operated by timer

Two yellow lamps indicate timed operation. After the set time has elapsed the shaking motion will stop. All joints of this unit have a ball bearing therefore no special maintenance is needed. The carbon brushes of the motor are designed for longevity.



The BenchMixer™ XL is a heavy duty vortex mixer designed to facilitate hands-free mixing in tubes, flasks, vials or cylinders. It is ideal for the QuEChERS pesticide analysis method and is instantly adaptable to an exceptionally broad range of vessels, racks and applications (horizontal or vertical). The precisely balanced drive system includes an oversized motor that delivers accurate, reproducible speeds up to 2500rpm with rattle-free operation and minimal vibration. The programmable pulsing function allows for time specific interval mixing, increasing agitation.


  • Hands-free, high capacity vortexing.
  • Up to 2500 rpm, a true vortex in every tube.
  • Assortment of accessories for a variety of tubes, flasks & plates.
  • Pulsing program for interval mixing.
  • Fits almost any tube rack.

Technical Data

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MODEL : NB101M, NB101MT, NB101MC

Magnetic Induction Drive & Brush Less DC Motor provides ideal shaking function for cell culture, sample mixtures, suspension, micro biology, chemistry. Enjoy its stable shaking and quite operation along with small foot print.


  • Plate Type Brushless DC motor provides low noise, no vibration and maintenance free system.
  • Artificial intelligence system which maintains precise speed and adjusts time controlled by MICOM
  • LED indicates temperature, speed, time and state of power failure.
  • Possible to operate up to 400rpm even though stroke is 30mm.
  • Possible to operate in Cold Chamber and Incubators(4℃~60℃)
  • Easy to change accessory platform.