Laboratory Identification Safety


  • Highly visible symbols are ideal for labelling containers and packaging which hold hazardous substances.
  • The new GHS/CLP symbols were introduced in the EU on the basis of the GHS/CLP regulation (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) in January 2009.
  • GHS/CLP replaces the HSID labelling. The orange coloured hazardous matererials pictograms used until now are being replaced with new diamond-shaped pictograms on a white background with a red border.

Lean Laboratory - Sorbent Products


  • SKH-Mini - A fully disposable spill kit to clean up small chemical spills quickly, easily and without risk on injuries.
  • Highly visible green colour.
  • The autoclavable disposal bag is heat resitant up to 145C and therefore guarantees a safe disposal of laboratory waste.
  • Adsorbs chemicals, dangerous liquids, water & oil based fluids.
  • Suitable for spills up to 1.7 litres.
  • The specifically designed disposable brush is intended to sweep up any broken glass or debris allowing a safe clean up without risk of injuries.
  • Thanks to the compact design, the SKH-MINI can easily be placed in areas where spills are most likely to happen.
  • Protective gloves are powder free, have roughened fingertips. Increased tear resistance and a good chemical resistance for more safety.


  • UN Booms - The best way to adsorb and contain large spills of chemicals and hazardous liquids.
  • Adsorbs chemicals, acids and bases as well as oils and water based liquids.
  • Metal clips and rings allow for easy linking of booms.
  • Inner rope secured with 4 clips provides strength.
  • Stronger outer sleeve for durability.
  • Inner sleeves keeps the adsorbent material intact with the boom.


For use when chemical and hazardous liquids are involved!

  • Adsorb a wide range of chemicals including acids and caustics.
  • One-sided spunbond gives extra strength as well as lower lint.
  • Chemically inert: product does not degrade or cause a dangerous chemical reaction with the adsorbed liquid.
  • Green colour alert workers that product is being used for hazardous liquids.
  • Green colour also allows the user to identify and separate hazardous waste for disposal, resulting in lower disposal costs.
  • Perforated for flexibility - tear at the perforations for smaller sized pads, to use only what you need.