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Ultra Sonic Baths
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Bransonic® - Ultrasonic Water Baths
Branson’s innovations include our signature elevated control panel, positioned above and behind the bath to avoid damage and increase operator safety. With our unique sweep frequency technology to eliminate standing waves, and our pioneering 40 kHz industrial transducers, Bransonic ultrasonic baths have been the industry standard for quality, reliability, and precision cleaning.
Fifty years of experience at your services :
BRANSONS pioneered the use of ultrasonic cleaning fifty years ago. Today, Bransonic products still lead the way in Ultrasonic Cleaning. They are technically outstanding and user-friendly. An ultra-high frequency, which is higher than usual, ensures deeper, effective cleaning, quieter operation and longer machine life.
Applications in almost every field
Extraction, mixing, dissolving, degassing, homogenizing, dispersing, leaning there are applications in almost every field.
Extra power for degassing
The CPX version BRANSONIC® has a dual power setting, letting you choose between normal power and extra power. Extra power gives you the option of degassing fluids. Extra power also means that your CPX cleaner can be used for tough jobs such as dispersing, homogenizing and suspension.
Features :
  • Polypropylene (PP) housing - Inert.
  • Industrial type transducer - superior power.
  • One piece molded 304L Stainless steel tank.
  • Lid for the bath as standard.
  • Digital Control plus heat and timer.
  • All models come with the following capacity:
    - 1.9 lit, 2.8 Lit, 5.7 Lit, 9.5 Lit, 20 Lit
Specifications :

Perforated Tray Mesh Basket Solid Tray Beaker positioning cover