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Refrigerated Circulators/Chillers
Refrigerated Circulators/Chillers        
The Circulator is designed to take care of cooling applications. It uses microprocessor based technology and is fitted with a powerful pump to take care of both internal and external circulation applications. The refrigeration system is strong to help achieve fast cooling. The system is equipped with a drain to help in empting the circulator tank for periodical cleaning. The grill in the front is removable to help in cleaning the condenser. It is compact and space saving design. Display resolution is 0.1C and stability 0.5 C. Dual display of bothset and Actual temperature.
Model: TC120 -R2
The TC120 immersion thermostat incorporates Intelligent Control Optimization (ICO) for adaptive intelligent PID temperature control and includes a powerful integral pump, making TC120 series refrigerated systems suitable both for immersing samples and circulating temperature controlled fluid to external devices. It includes a convenient timer function for reaction timing and a variable high temperature alarm setting. The temperature range and heater power are automatically limited according to the liquid type selected.
  • Visual and audible alarm - alert you when your attention is required.
  • Operating set point plus 3 adjustable preset temperatures for convenience.
  • User calibration facility for optimum accuracy at the required operating temperature.
  • Powerful integral pump - maximum flow rate 16L/min.
  • Cooling/heating range: -20 to 100C.
  • Stability 0.1C.
Note: The refrigeration unit can be switched off independently of the thermostat to allow heating only applications. All the refrigeration base units can be used up to a maximum temperature of 100C.
Specifications for TC120 :
Specifications for TC120-R2 :
  • 5 ltr tank with drain tap.
  • Relay control for refrigeration on/off.
  • Cooling power 140W @ 0°C.
  • Temperature range -20 to 100C.
  • Working area (l*w): 110*145 mm.
  • Min/max liquid depths: 85/140 mm.
  • Weight: 19.2 kg.
Grant Optima Thermostat pumps (Integral) :
The Grant combined tank/refrigeration units are robustly constructed for long life and efficient and reliable operation.

  • Powerful and efficient cooling with ozone friendly refrigerant.
  • Rapid cool down, Quiet operation.
  • Cooling/heating range: -20 to 100C (in combination with TC120 heating circulator).