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The No. 1 Pulverizer for large samples (Up to 100 Gm)

SPEX SamplePrep Shatterbox® has become the most popular “swing mill” in America. It remains the most efficient way to pulverize up to 100 grams of brittle material to analytical fineness.
  • Programmable, Portable, and Safe.
  • This enclosed, advanced design features the ease of use of a cam-action clamp. The clamp bar is held down securely by a cam-activated lever.
  • The electronic controls allow programmed running times up to 10 minutes. As the Shatterbox runs, the timer display counts down the minutes and seconds remaining. A “pause” function allows interruption of a grinding cycle.
  • Safety features include a safety interlock and gas cylinders for the lid. The interlock holds the lid closed whenever the mill is running, and the cylinders control movement of the lid when it is opened or closed.
  • The sound-insulated steel cabinet has a cooling fan to prevent the motor from overheating and lockable casters with which the mill can be moved about the lab and then fixed in place.
Applications :
Shatterbox typically grind cement, rocks, slags, soils, ceramics, and ores, but have been used for hundreds of other Materials including sulfur pellets, dried marsh-grass, and pharmaceuticals.
Grinding Containers :
Hardened Steel Container, Tungsten Carbide, Alumina Ceramic, Zirconia Ceramic.
Specifications :
  • Dimensions: 48 cm x 48 cm x 102 cm ( W x D x H).
  • Weight: net -102 kg; gross -112 kg ( Weight without the grinding chamber).
  • Safety lid with interlock and gas cylinders ensure safety and easy lifting of lid.
  • Electrical: 230 V, 50 Hz,
  • Motor: 1/3 Horsepower, dual winding 825 RPM motor with very high torque.
  • LCD display with electronic controls & Timer.
  • Timer Programmable Digital timer with start, stop & Pause functions.
  • CE Approved.

The best system in your lab for “Mechanical Alloying”

Known the world over as “ SPEX MILL”, the Spex Mixer Mill or High Energy Ball Mill is “value for money proposition”.
Features :
  • Efficient two-clamp laboratory mill for pulverizing hard, brittle samples.
  • Also called a shaker mill or high-energy ball mill.
  • Sample sizes in 10 gram range for grinding, and up to 60 mL for blending powders or mixing emulsions.
  • Reduces samples to analytical fineness.
  • Can be utilized for mechanical alloying and nano milling.
  • Features include a variable-range electronic timer, dual clamps for multiple sample capacity, safety interlock system, and forced-air cooling.
  • The Dual Clamps of the 8000D Mixer/Mill not only allow twice as many samples to be ground at a given time, but also move in balance, reducing vibration and extending the life of the mill components. A fan keeps the motor and clamp mechanisms cool during operation.
Applications :
Pulverizing rocks, minerals, ores, sand, cement, slag, ceramics, soils, catalyst supports, etc. Mechanical alloying, blending pigments, mixing analytical samples with binders or carriers, diluting powdered standards.
Specifications :
Size: 61 cm x 43 cm x 28 cm / Gross Weight: 44 kg
Electrical: 230 V/50 Hz
Motor: 1⁄3 HP, 1725 RPM @ 60 Hz or 1425 RPM @ 50 Hz
Controls: Electronic, with digital display &programmable 100-minute timer
Clamp Movement: 21⁄3 in. (5.9 cm) back-and-forth, 1 in. (2.5 cm) side-to-side
Clamp speed in complete back and-forth cycles per minute: 875 (230 V/50 Hz)
Vials :
Vials for grinding typically will have an internal volume of 50 to 60ml with a grinding capacity of upto 25ml and a powder blending capacity of upto 50 ml. They are available in tool steel, Stainless steel, tungsten carbide, alumina ceramic, zirconia ceramic, Silicon nitride and agate. Plastic vials and balls are also available for making emulsions and blending powders. The largest plastic vial has an internal volume of 135ml.

High Throughput Cell Disruption / Cell Lysis

The Ultimate Plant & Animal Tissue Pulverizer and Cell Lyser

  • Unique new design with vigorous up-and-down motion.
    (100% vertical motion).
  • Processing up to 4 deep-well plates and sample vials from 0.6 to 50mL.
  • Able to process most plant matter and animal tissue samples.
  • Safety interlocks and pneumatic cylinder stabilize the lid for safe operation.
  • No variation in shaking process makes it ideal for QuEChERS method.
  • Prepares tissue for extraction of DNA/ RNA, proteins, and volatile organics.
  • Kryo-Tech- accessories available for temperature sensitive samples.
  • Pulverizes samples with or without buffer, using a variety of grinding media.
  • Typical grinding cycle completed in under 2 minutes.
Grinding Media :
Balls & Cylinders in Stainless Steel, Silica, Zirconia, and Ceramic
SS grinding balls in sizes from 4 to 11 mm
Grinding beads available in three grades:
Molecular Biology , Low Binding, Acid Washed
New ceramic grinding cylinders aid in the mixing and homogenization of samples for the QuEChERS method
Grinding Vessels :
Deep well Titer plates in 96 and other formats
(Upto 4 plates can be done simultaneously with large clamp)
  • 2 ml, 5ml, 15 ml and 50 ml tubes
  • Cryo tubes
  • Micro vials, Micro centrifuge tubes
Specifications :
LCD Display with electronic controls
Dimension: 38.1 x 52 x 64.1cm (W x D x H)
Weight : 30 kg Motor :1/3 hp Electrical: 230V, 50 Hz
Movement: 3.2 cm - Vertical
Speed : Adjustable from 500 to 1750 strokes / min
Safety : Lid interlock prevents mill from running if lid is open.
Timer: Digital in minutes: seconds, Maximum 5 min
Vessels: Deep well titer plates, Vials from 0.6ml to 50 ml
CE Approved
Applications :
Biotechnology, Forensic, Plant Research & Crop Science, Pesticide Residues, Pharmaceuticals, Marine Biology.
The MiniG™ is the ideal solution for labs that want the power of the 2010 Geno/Grinder® with a lower sample throughput. It was created for applications involving sample preparation for DNA/RNA and protein extractions as well as pesticide residue analysis.
Typical Samples :
Plant and animal tissue, cell cultures, seeds, yeast, leaves and bacteria.
Features :
  • Vigorous clamp movement results in increased yields.
  • Consistent vertical motion of the clamp ensures equal conditions for all samples.
  • Kryo-Tech® accessories are available to preserve temperature sensitive samples.
  • Light & portable with a small footprint that minimizes bench space.
Specifications :
Window in lid allows you to see the grinding process.
Lid has a safety interlock switch that stops the motor if the lid is opened during the grinding process.
Easy-to-use clamp keeps samples secure during the shaking process.
Clamp typically holds up to 2 titer plates or 48 x 2 mL vials when stacked.
LCD display screen shows run times in minute: second format.
Rate and timer controls allow you to adjust speed and set time.
Start and stop buttons allow you to start and stop the grinding process.
  • Voltage 230V/50Hz
  • Power Cord 230V / 50Hz.
  • CE Approved Yes
  • Dimensions 54.6x 28.6x 43.2(H x W x D)
  • Clamp Movement 3.2 cm vertical
  • Clamp Speed 500 to 1500 strokes/minute
  • Weight 22 kg
  • Motor 1/7 HP
  • Timer/Controls Digital display in min
Applications :
Biotechnology, Forensic, Plant Research & Crop Science, Pesticide Residues, Pharmaceuticals, Marine Biology.