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Microprocessor controlled programmable hotplates stirrer with Eloxal hotplate 500 watt, RS232 interface, 60-1600 rpm, Pt-100 probe connector.
MODEL : MCS 67: Same as MCS66 but with Ceran Hotplate
Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer MCS66 / MCS67
Modern microprocessor technology based self monitoring and programmable magnetic stirrers with RS232 interface. The instrument has a rotating easily viewable solvent-proof membrane key pad to access the software which controls all functions. The fuzzy-logic control of the liquid and hotplate temperatures makes sure for fastest heat up time without overshoot and temperature stability.
A four-step timer system allows for generation of user-defined temperature and stirring profiles. For each timer step the following parameter can be defined: hotplate and sensor temperature (liquid), motor speed, temperature-slope.
The outer case is made of acid resistant coated aluminum and is protected against liquid penetration. Active and passive safety features protect from risks such as overheating of the hotplate or the medium to be stirred. The unit shuts down if a short circuit or failure of the external Pt-100 probe is sensed, but also if the temperature probe gets out of liquid.
Specifications :
Microprocessor controlled hotplate stirrer, Eloxal hotplate, 500 Watt RS232 Interface, 60-1600 rpm, alpha-numeric display, 2 independent safety circuits with Pt-100 probe connector.
Hotplate Stirring System M26
Modern Microprocessor Technology Provides for Active and Passive Safety within the Hotplate Stirring System M26. The M26 is a compact and totally integrated hotplate stirrer system, featuring PID fuzzy-logic control through a powerful microprocessor. This grants at plainest operation a maximum of accuracy and safety. Data is displayed on an easy-to-read, back-lit -numeric LCD which shows actual values, operating hints and any operating messages.
Data is entered via an encoder-wheel and the acid-proof membrane key-pad, allowing the user access to the powerful EEPROM software. Selected user settings are automatically protected against unintentional changes. The integrated timer enables the M26 to switch off after a programmed time has expired.
The unit has been developed for discerning users who value safety as paramount in their laboratories. A second Pt-100 sensor can be connected to the M26 to switch off the unit if a pre-set safety temperature is reached.
Differential alarm - the safety power cut-out : Failure of the stirring vessel could create a hazardous situation, so to solve this problem this instrument has a ‘differential alarm’ feature. The ‘differential alarm’ switches the unit off if the probe has fallen out of the liquid .
Out of liquid check : The M26 monitors, whether the PT-100 tip is immersed in liquid. The microprocessor checks whether the probe temperature changes in relation to the temperature changes of the hotplate. If the microprocessor detects no increase in the liquid temperature over a certain time, although the hotplate temperature is rising the following happens: 1. Heating function shuts off 2. Stirring function starts 3. A warning message is shown on the display 4. The hotplate is switched off and the M26 shuts down after a preset time.
Failure of temperature probe : Disconnection or failure of a temperature probe (internal or external) will disable the heating of the hotplate. The shut down reason will be shown on the display the next time the unit is switched on.
Hotplate Magnetic Stirrers
(connection for external probe Pt-100)
M21: Stainless Steel Hotplate
M22: Anodized Aluminum Hotplate (eloxal)
M23: Ceran
The CAT mid range hotplate stirrers M21, M22 and the CERAN hotplate stirrer M23 feature direct display and set of plate, probe and safety temperatures on the front panel of the instrument. Set temperatures, safety temperature as well as the programmable switch-off timer can be easily set via an incremental encoder wheel. All parameters can be monitored on a 4 digit LED display which allows also for monitoring the set motor speed.
These hotplate stirrers all have superb performance such as soft-start for the stirring motor, control of the liquid and hotplate temperatures for fastest heat up time without overshoot and temperature stability, acid resistant epoxy –finished chassis and grade 304 stainless steel covers, combined with a stainless steel shroud between hotplate and cover to avoid the entrance of spills into the interior. All three models are also available with RS485-interface which enables easy setting and readout of all relevant parameters.
Technical Data :
MODEL : KM16.4D, KM16.7D
These magnetic stirrers/heaters are developed for heating round bottom flasks as well as three-neck flasks. The heat transfer is done through radiation and direct surface contact with an aluminum block in the shape of round bottom flasks. The heating block with the flask is surrounded by a stainless steel container. When breaking of glass occurs, the liquid is collected in this stainless steel container. The liquid is stirred by an oval stirring bar so that hot spots do not appear. Temperature ramping therefore is going smoothly.
Different covers are delivered with the instrument so that the heat will remain in the stainless steel container. This improves fast heating. The KM16.4D and KM 16.7D are equipped with a display for direct reading of the heating block temperature or the liquid temperature through an external Pt-100 sensor.
The following parameters can be adjusted: Temperature of the heating block, external Pt-100 sensor, maximum temperature (for security), timer function, rpm for the stirrer.