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The successful DOSCA pump with alphanumeric display and dialogue programmable microprocessor control unit. The system consists of an ergonomic pump housing and a detachable microprocessor controlled programming and operating key-pad.  All relevant parameters, e.g. volume, flow-rate and flow direction, are set via the key-pad on the control unit, which can be used remotely from the pump, The key-pad has 3 function- and 2 hot-keys, plus an analogue encoder wheel for fast data entry, enabling intuitive adjustment of the set values. The back-lit LCD shows both set and actual volumes, flow-rate, and other functions.
A choice of units of volume, flow-rate and specific weight can be pre-programmed, e.g. µl, ml, mg, g, µl/s, ml/m. The PCON C controller has a RS232 interface as standard (1200-4800,8,N,1) and the analogue and digital I/O ports provide full flexibility.
The optional easy-to-use “Lab Control for Windows” software can create multi-step programs transferable to the pump controller to provide various control functions.
Program parameters such as flow-rate, volume and time can be entered in dialogue for downloading to the pump. Also, various data processes can be carried out such as evaluation of experimental data and generation of hard-copies.
Connection to the analogue input allows the pre-programmed flow-rate to be overridden by a voltage or current signal. The analogue output (0-10 V and 0-24 mA) can then be used to record and read out the actual flow-rate.
The pump heads are encased in robust stainless steel bodies and are available in 20 µl, 200 µl, 400µl and 1000 µl stroke volumes. They are also available with or without piston rinse port. The models “VCS” have a rinse port integrated into the ceramic cylinder, no piston sealing is necessary.
Pumps with built-in rinse pump for piston rinsing are available.
The pumps have incorporated software programs for many applications:
  • STANDARD DISPENSE – dosing of a preset volume
  • DILUTOR – diluting of a solution
  • PIPETTE - simulation of a pipette
  • DELAYED DISPENSE - an electronic dropping funnel
Applications :
Precise dosing of a set volume,  manual dispensing, time-controlled dispensing,  titrating,  diluting,  regulated drop-dispensing,  sampling with and without an air- segment
*depends on viscosity of the media and flow-rate.
Specifications :
The patented pump HPLH PF “Pulse Free”
This instrument employs two independently controlled pump heads. The result is a pulse-free without the need for secondary pulse dampeners. Unlike syringe pumps the flow is continuous without the need for refill cycles or valve switching. Apart from separate housing chambers for pumps and PC board, this pulse free pump features the same performance as the standard HPLH pumps. The pump has a user interface for fast and easy numeric input of all relevant parameters e.g., volume, flow-rate, flow direction and time. When detached from the pump housing it can be used as a remote controller.
Specifications :
Stand-alone fraction collector designed for use with HPLC, Preparative HPLC, and MS applications, leaching test, etc.
Accepts all racks of your choice. Choose from several task-specific run modes of operation (time, signal, storage method etc.).
The user has the choice of either operating the fraction collector “ThirdArm” local or remote, via a simple keypad, via TTL or via PC. Optionally the “ThirdArm” comes with a diverter valve.
In order to dose the liquids, the ThirdArm can be connected to a very accurate micro metering pump, which can dose through its valveless micro-piston, very accurate all types of liquid. Flow rates from 1 µl/min to 400 ml/min.
Due to its small size, the ThirdArm takes just a little space of your laboratory to fill tubes, vials, microplates etc. with a constant or variable amount of liquid(s).
Specifications :
The multi-channel pump model “Tower II“ consists of 2 - 9 pumps in a common housing. The configuration is implemented according to customer specifications. The unit is operated either by the built-in control panel with alphanumeric display or by PC based systems. You can start all pumps simultaneous with individual preset pumping parameters. This gives great flexibility to the user, who can set up quick experiments without first having to program a pumping sequence via PC based software. Once the pump parameters have been ascertained the user can easily adopt them in a program and run the system from a computer.
The pumps have incorporated software programs for many applications:
  • Operation of every pump independent from the other pumps. 
  • RS 232/RS485 communication link.
  • Pump units can be interconnected.
  • Fast communication between pumps and Process Control System. 
  • LED function indicators at each pump:
    green LED for „pump in action“  red LED for “pump failure”.
  • Modular Approach for easy maintenance.
Pump modules are easily interchangeable without specialist intervention.
  • The pumps have installed software programs for many applications
       STANDARD DISPENSE – Dosing of a preset volume
       DILUTOR – diluting of a solution
       PIPETTE - simulation of a pipette
       DELAYED DISPENSE - an electronic dropping funnel
  • The pump heads are encased in robust stainless steel bodies.
  • Wetted parts only ceramic (99,7% AI203), fluorocarbon.
Technical Specifications :
=  PVDF, without rinse port;
V =  pump head is integrated into stainless steel, without rinse port; 
VS =  pump head is integrated into stainless steel with rinse port; 
VCS = pump head integrated into stainless steel with rinse port integrated into ceramic

  • Pump heads can be supplied in different types of material or different kind of execution: