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Super Gradient Grade LC Solvents
Mobile Phase for Gradient Analysis, Low baseline drift and low Levels of UV absorbing impurities
LC/MS Grade Solvents
High purity solvents with low levels of trace metals, Suitable for LC/MS analysis
Anhydrous Grade Solvents
Low Moisture content, Ready to use in anhydrous applications, Used for Protein sequencing and DNA analysis, Used in organic, organometallic & Oligonucleotide synthesis
UV-IR Grade Solvents
High purity solvents for UV-IR Spectroscopy, Very low contents of interfering substance, High purity solvents with low UV absorption
Pesticide Grade Solvents
High purity solvents for Pesticide & Insecticide residue analysis, Used for extraction, isolation & preconcentration technique, For trace environmental analysis by Capillary GC & GC/MS applications, For volatile organic analysis
Electronic Grade Solvents
High Purity acids and solvents for electronic industrial applications, Low levels of metallic impurities, Use for trace metal analysis
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