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Innovative Technology Inert Glove Box
Innovative Technology Inert Glove Box        
Innovative Technology Inert Glove Box
Innovative Technology is a leader in Glove Box technology with over 25 years of service in the field. They specialize in customizing Glovebox to user requirements and providing solutions which are as unique as their products.
  • 100% US Manufactured Products.
  • New and Improved Operator Interface.
  • Variety of Configurations and Sized Systems.
  • Maintainable Inert Atmosphere at <1ppm O2 and H2O
  • Automatic Regeneration, Application Specific Designs.
  • Supplier of Glove Boxes since 1981.
  • Quality Gas and Vacuum Components.
  • Solvent Purification Systems Integration.
  • Mobile stand with integrated Gas Purification.
Control System :
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with full color.
  • touch panel operator interface for all glovebox functions.
  • Foot pedal for box pressure adjustment.
  • Electrical requirement: 230V, 50-60Hz, 10A.
  • Power consumption will vary depending on accessories.
Purifier Regeneration :
  • The purifier column is regenerable. This process is fully automated via the PLC program.
  • Regeneration gas: N2/H2 mixture (3-7% H2) or
    Ar/H2 mixture (3-7% H2).
Circulation :
  • Vacuum tight integrated oil-free blower.
Box design :
  • Modular with bolted end panels.
  • Material of construction US type 304 stainless steel.
  • Interior finish Brushed.
  • Exterior surface Powder coated, gray.
  • Window Polycarbonate (LEXAN), 3/8 thickness, inclined to reduce glare.
  • Lighting Front mounted fluorescent lamp.
  • Leak rate < 0.05 vol%/hour (ISO 10648-2)
  • Leak rate < 0.05 vol%/hour (ISO 25412)
Gas Purification System :
  • Closed-loop gas purification for the removal of O2 and H2O.
  • Reactor capacity of 14.5 Kg.
  • Inert working gas: N2, Ar or He.
  • Attainable purity: O2<1ppm, H2O<1ppm.
  • Single column purifier as standard, upgrade to dual column available.
  • Capacity (per purifier column).
  • Oxygen removal 30L.
  • Moisture removal 1300g.
  • Purifier column: US type 304 stainless steel with integrated heater.
Three/ Five/ Seven Solvent PureSolv
400 Litre solvent purifier - (Part # PS-MD) :
  • Includes double purifying column design -
  • Easy Drain and Purge Column Design.
  • Multiple dispensing 5-Way Valve for Safe dispensing.
  • Swagelok Metering Valve to Control Solvent Flow.
  • Vacuum Manifold for Collection Flask Evacuation.
  • Gas Manifold for Collection Flask Inert Back Fill.
  • Low Pressure Refill Regulator with Blow Off Valve.
  • Stainless Steel Spill Tray.
  • Ground 24/40 Dispensing Joints Standard.
  • (29/32 or 14/20 or Luer lock Needle Valves Available Please specify if you need a different type other than the standard type mentioned above)
  • Grounded against E.S.D
  • Free standing frame with Levelling Locking Casters .
  • Frame Can Populate Between One and Seven Solvents.
Pure Solv Micro :
100 lit solvent purifier for single solvent (at any one time) (Part #PS MICRO)
Includes :
  • Single column design.
  • 4 Lit Solvent Reservoir with quick disconnects.
  • Easy Drain and Purge Column Design.
  • 5-Way Valve for Safe dispensing.
  • Vacuum Manifold for Collection Flask.
SPS Integration to Glove Box:
The solvent purification can be integrated with Glove Box and the anhydrous, deoxygenated solvent can be delivered inside the box at the turn of a valve.
General Information :
The columns used in the SPS are regenerable and can also be replaced.
Additional columns can be provided for Oxygen removal.
Please note each column is solvent specific and cannot be interchanged with another solvent.
The system does not have any electrical connection and is thereby the safest SPS in the market today.