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Hot Plates
Hot Plates        
IKA hotplates made of glass ceramics which offers excellent chemical resistance.
  • Fixed safety circuit of 550C, Hot top indicator>> hot surface warning to prevent burns.
  • Precise temperature setting via digital display (LED).
  • Digital error code display, Elevated control panel to protect against leaking liquids.
Specifications :
HIGH HEATING POWER HOT PLATES UP TO 4000 WATTS Hotplates H30/30, H30/45, H30/60
The aluminum hotplates of this series feature a precise temperature control. The surfaces of the hot plate will remain flat even after many thermal shocks this means there is optimum contact between hotplate and vessel to guarantee for an even heating of the liquid. The heating consists of a sealed IR-radiant heater covered with stainless steel to ensure optimum resistance to acids and alkalis. A thermostatic temperature control unit allows for stepless temperature control. The thermostat stops the heat up procedure as soon as the set temperature has been reached.
The desired temperature is set at the temperature control knob (0-300C). A signal lamp indicates the operation of the hotplate is. The lamp is illuminated as long as energy is supplied to reach the set temperature.
Hotplates H30/30C, H30/45C, H60/30C
Same units as above but with CERAN hotplate and a temperature range from 0-400C
The CAT hotplate H17.5 with CERAN hotplate features direct display and set of plate, probe and safety temperatures on the front panel of the instrument. Set temperatures, safety temperatures as well as the programmable switch-off timer can be easily set via incremental encoder wheel. All parameters can be monitored on a 4 digit LED display.
This hotplate has superb performance such as fuzzy logic control of the liquid and hotplate temperatures for fastest heat up time without overshoot and temperature stability, acid resistant epoxy-finished chassis and grade 304 stainless steel covers, combined with a stainless steel shroud between hotplate and cover to avoid the entrance of spills into the interior. This model is also available with RS232-interface which enables easy setting and readout of all relevant parameters.
Specifications :