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ULC/MS Solvents
Highest quality for very demanding work of chromatography, analyzed for very high UHPLC and MS performances, coupled with very low amounts of inorganic cations contaminants, filtered through 0.1 um filter.
Core Products : Acetonitrile ULC/MS & Methanol ULC/MS.
Biosolve ULC/MS Grade Additives
Biosolve ULC/MS additives are developed to meet the demands of ULC/MS applications and ensure to improve chromatographic peak shape and to optimize ionization in the MS interface. ULC/MS solvents and formulations are micro filtered at 0.1um and have a very low residue on evaporation.
Core Products : Acetic Acid, Ammonium Acetate, Ammonium Formate, Formic Acid, TFA.
Headspace Solvents
Headspace grade solvents are optimized for accurate analysis of residual solvents in medicinal products. The purity of Biosolve solvents are specifically evaluated by analysis of the Headspace grade solvent against OVI standard to ensure the absence of interfering peaks in the GC Chromatogram.
Core Products : DMA, DMF, DMSO, DMI, NMP, Cyclohexanone.
GC Grade Solvents
Highest quality for ultimate organic trace analysis, checked for ppb level of PAH, Furans & PCB's, Pesticides and other residual organic contaminants, low level of C10-C40 hydrocarbons for mineral oil analysis, suitable for analysis with GC-FID, NPD & ECD, Filtered through 0.2um and packed under inert gas for better shelf-life
Core Products : Acetone, Acetonitrile, N-Butanol, Tert Butanol, TBME, Chloroform, DCM, Diisopropyethylamine, 1,4 Dioxan, Ethanol, Ethyl Acetate, N Heptane, N Hexane, IPA, Methanol, NMP, N-Propanol, THF, Toluene
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